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Przedstawienie "Nikt się nie dowie, jeśli nikt nie powie"

Here are some of our comments on the spectacle we – class 3 a gymnasium- ourselves created and performed to you. We enjoyed it so much that just to remind you of it we would like to share with you our nice memories like a film presenting the music track of our performance and not only, some photos from the spectacle and naturally our posters and the cast big photo and the programme… If you still remember it was for Peter , the boy suffering from leukemia, who you can once again support .



Less than a month ago, our class performanced a play for Peter.

I had a pleasure to play one of the students. so it was a lot of fun at the same time. Attempts were heavy and sometimes caused us many problems, but we hadn’t forgotten about the aim.

Rarely I played in the performances, so it was something new for me.

I would love to do it again!

Oliwia Szwarc 3ag



I covered the trip guardian role and I'm really glad because of it. At the beginning my character was ordinary but with time it was getting more interesting thanks to changes which spontaneously came out on rehearsals. Finally, though a few short lines, boring but a little funny transformed the guide lady into a kind of mystery.The entire spectacle had an amazing atmosphere and I absolutely enjoyed it. And not only I -   I suppose.

I'm totally proud of our work. :D

Karolina Sobczyńska 3 ag



I have played Kostryn’s role during our spectacle „Nikt się nie dowie, jeśli nikt nie powie”, but I think that taking photos for posters and making costumes will be engraved in my memory for a long time. It was an amazing experience which allowed me to see creating of the theatre perfomance from the backstage, M and I could make some important things by myself.

Adrian Janicki 3ag

A tu link do fragmentu spektaklu, który warto zobaczyć :D :






Zdjęcia ze spektaklu można obejrzeć po tym linkiem (naprawdę warto :D):