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The Essay Content on "Oceans, ..." HL

How to beat the water pollution?

                Have you ever thought about our World without water? Probably you do not care that now we are going to destroy our water environment. Nowadays water pollution is one of the main problems of  our environment and it involves many dimensions. I think all of them are of equal importance, but that one has not arisen from the development of society and does not accelerate technological advance. It is a problem with plastic in the water, which is thrown out by people every day. It is a result of our lazy and indiscriminate lifestyle, existing only for our convenience.

                It is difficult to imagine, how much plastic floats in the oceans. Maybe it can be an overstatement, but some people say that in the future there is going to be more plastic than fish in the seas and oceans. So what should we do against? Simply we should pick the rubbish up.

                Most trash is swimming near the coast and on the beaches because of the tides, which usually bring it. I think that we should organize the multinational crews which would try to clean it. On the land there could operate teams just collecting all the litter on the beaches and coastal places, whereas in the water the teams on motorboats should catch it into some kind of nets,

Additionally, we can build special barriers and hoppers filtering water and gathering rubbish, situated in equal distances in every ocean. I think that it is not impossible . We have got also an advantage, because most of the plastic trash does not exist under the water, but only floats on its surface, which makes it easier to collect. If only international organizations take care about this problem, there can be hired hundreds or thousands of people cleaning our oceans from plastic, working in the most polluted regions.

                One of the biggest cluster of plastic in the water is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, situated in the middle of Pacific Ocean, which includes 3,5 tons of plastic pollution floating around in a circle moved  by water streams. Because of  it there and  in  many other polluted  water reservoirs , fish and birds, e.g. albatrosses, are dying . Additionally, if plastic has landed in water, it comes into the water ecosystem and stays there for ages. Now nearly all water species include plastic in their bodies. They are just tainted.

                As I said above, these problems result from our foolish lifestyle. Observing the society, I think that a widespread promotion of saving the environment does not exist. We should create an international agreement between nations all over the world concerning more restricted regulations about sorting and reprocessing litter. If more people have to sort rubbish and are not allowed to leave it in the water because of the international law protecting all water reservoirs, it can have positive effects. In situations of disregarding these new laws, it will result in penalty payment. This money can be spent on protecting the water environment.

                Moreover, I offer to create special stations  where the organizations connected with protecting water could function. Such stations should exist in  equal distances along all  coastlines. There should operate teams with tasks including overseeing people littering and then educating them. We must  create a network of containers in visible places, near rivers, lakes  and on the beaches where people are littering mostly. There, so  called  “water protection activists “ should also collect trash around  the coasts and banks,  and organize meetings with people about this serious problem of  water pollution  making people aware of  it.

                In  conclusion, I can say  that the environment pollution arises from our neglect and if we make our lifestyle friendly for nature, we can make our world better, so it is our activity which is essential   for protecting the nature . Let's create our world clean.                                                 Hubert Lawenda