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The Essay Content on "Oceans, ..." PM

My plan to protect and manage our oceans, seas and marine resources.

Water is in space. About 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered with water. Water is in the air, water is in the ground. In every human there is from 50% to 75% water. We need to drink around 2 liters of water every day. Without food we can survive three weeks, without water about 5 days. Water is life and it needs some love.

People have their jobs, families, lots of responsibilities. For an average man H2O is something normal to drink and waste. We are living in the 21st century, and we have water purification plants everywhere. Is misuse of the fluid of life a problem? Yes, because we aren’t cleaning water completely; the reason is obvious, money. I have 2 ideas of slightly fixing this, the other one will be at the end of my essay. The first one is very simple, knowledge. At least in my country (Poland), in schools nobody is teaching us about the importance of water. I’m not hearing about on television and the most powerful source –The Internet. There are unnecessary ads everywhere, but none is about H2O. It’s very important that people should know that wasting water is bad for the environment, because it isn’t cleaned from all negative substances. Nature can take some amount of not perfectly clean blue fluid, but when everyone is overusing it, The Earth has much harder task, and species are dying. One lesson in a few months, a few ads and some words in the news can save a lot of lives in the seas.

But what about saving hundreds of millions of people suffering from the lack of drinking water? The bottled water is a huge industry, which most people don’t need, because we have tap water. The quality of both waters is very similar. So, my idea is the income from selling H2O in plastic. Enormous companies are stealing money from people and polluting the environment. The reason why we should buy this type of drink is to help others survive. There can be an ad, like “By buying our water you save lives of other people”. This would even increase selling water, which would be good for companies. For the environment the plastic if recycled, reused isn’t that bad. If companies would cooperate then some nice percentage of income could be for providing water for needy people.

Humans are locking water to create water power plants, store water in reservoirs and improve water transport, which leads in turn to lowering water level in, for example, rivers. Surely, all the water constructions are impairing the ecosystem. Because of them, fish are having tough times to move freely. When it is summer, the temperature of fluid in rivers or lakes is rising .In consequence, oxygen is evaporating and species are dying. Of course, the tanks are quiet needed for the economy, so they can be improved. For example, by adding oxygen, somehow lowering the temperature or creating paths for fish.

The last of my ideas, which I mentioned in the beginning, is a bit abstract, for obvious reason, which is money. It’s inspired by astronomers, precisely their reuse of water. The closed circulation of water. If we could make it happen, it would be the end of “almost clear” water flowing into the seas and killing life. The wastewater treatment plants would have to be so advanced that they would clean used water completely so that people can reuse it in a never ending circle of pure, clean, healthy and safe water!

To sum up the most important concept of mine is the education, telling people that water is our life and it needs our care. I hope that my thoughts will help with managing and protecting our oceans.

Thank you.                                                                                                                                      

Paweł Mizera