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English lessons in gymnasium


  On 13th of April 2016 fourteen pupils from the second grade of bilingual gymnasium went on a trip to Wrocław, in order to participate in a lecture in The Institute Of English Philology.
  Our group gathered in Kłodzko at the train station at 7:15 and at 7:30 our train left. We arrived in Wrocław about one and a half hour later. Then we headed for the building of the college. There we were listening to the information about that place, and later were told fascinating facts about William Shakespeare. We found out that he had become rich and earned his position not because of writing and acting talent, but thanks to his great skills in investments. Also, when he was eighteen, he had to marry a woman older than him by eight years, because she was pregnant with him. Another interesting thing is that his work probably wouldn’t have been known nowadays if he hadn’t become a gentleman, which evoked fascination with his plays by other people with high position. We learned too that we don’t actually know how that Shakespeare looked like, because his only portrait was created seven years after his death.
When the lecture ended, we went to a marketplace and had something to eat and , then, at about 2 p.m. we got on a train and came back home.
Our lecturer consented to take a photo with our class

“I think trip to Wroclaw was so interesting. The best was lecture about William Shakespeare. Also I'm so happy, that I could see University from the inside. Great events like this should be organized more often.”
Kinga Kastelik

“In my opinion the visit in English University in Wroclaw was great. Mrs Dr Poniatowska was talking about Shakespeare's history and living. The words were clear and easy to understand. I hope I will be able to take part in the similar meeting.”
Kamil Arciszewski

“I think it was a very interesting lecture. The language that was used was easy to understand. I liked it very much.”
Sara Leszkiewicz

“For me the lecture at the university was interesting .On the trip we could learn many things. The Lecturers ,who were there, spoke clearly.”
Jakub Stecko

“In my opinion, the trip to Wroclaw was very exciting, but educational too. We were at The Institute of English Philology and listened there to an interesting and adapted to our language ability lecture. I want to go on a similar excursion again.”
Marta Gęborys

“In my opinion, the trip was successful. The lecturer  talked about Shakespeare in an interesting way. The lecture was easy for me to understand because it was spoken slowly and clearly.”
Maciej Gajewski

“On 13th of April I was at Wroclaw University. I participated in the lecture at the Institute of English Philology. Its topic was “William Shakespeare”. The lecture was given by one of university’s professors, completely in English.
I really enjoyed this discourse as I had an opportunity to acquire a huge quantity of information about Shakespeare’s life and his creative output. I am very satisfied with the fact that I was able to understand most of the speech.
It was really an entertaining and interesting experience.”
Michał Pawłów

{gallery}2016_English Projects2{/gallery}

  On the 7th April 2016 took place THE FIRST GALA OF ENGLIGH PROJECTS, made by IIA gymnasium. Three quite various projects were presented. The first project was created by Angelika, Marysia, Daria and Kamila. It told us about animation in cartoons. It was very interesting and informative.
  During this presentation there were little technical problems, but we managed repairing hat and continued . The second project taught how to survive in “Chrobry Jungle”. Creators of that presentation were Kasia and Karolina. A movie which they prepared was amazing and very funny.
  The third project was created by Natalia, Karolina, Oliwia and Adrian.
It showed why people don ‘t smile and promoted smiling. This presentation was great and came out that our class can have a good time and smile a lot.
  After all of the projects arose the best part of our Gala. Our class taught students to dance “cowboy dance” and after that they were dancing with us. This was brilliant and very impressive.

{gallery}2016_English Projects{/gallery}


The gymnasium competition in Wrocław


Pirates of the Caribbean


 A trip to Warsaw







Adrian zobacz/pobierz

MALEFICENT zobacz/pobierz

Suicide Room zobacz/pobierz

A trip to Wrocław zobacz/pobierz

Christmas time for us and something for the school zobacz/pobierzzobacz/pobierz

Helloween zobacz/pobierzzobacz/pobierz



WHAT’s ON?????????????
What are they doing on English lessons?

If you would like to know how we study, just have a quick look at the gymnasium section…

• Writing stories behind the self-made pictures…See in the further part of gymnasium section.
• Inventing a multi-function machine with 
a full instruction in English… 
Sounds strange ? … 
But what fun it was !!! 
Just see some of the attached pictures.


This is a girl. Her name is Kunegunda. 
She has got spots and big head. She has got a purple hair. Her shirt is blue , and her pants are purple. She has got thin legs and big green feet. She is nice and friendly. She was doing tables. This was her job.

One day when Kunegunda was doing a table she mistook her body with a table and she cut her body into pieces. That is why her bones grew together wrong. She is fat because for every table which are made well, she gets chocolate.


Merabell and her tragedy
This is Merabell, “Once I was beautiful and everyone was attracted to me to the time … when something terrible happened.”

Merabell hurried on her date when in her way a fawn, an innocent ,little sweet fawn appeared, .Merabell was trying to do something but it did not help and only a part of it survived. Merabell went to the cheapest doctor, a surgeon. He was a 60-year-old blind man. Amazingly, he sewed each part of the body almost perfectly, … except for the ear… He made a mistake and instead of the ear he took her mouth and he sew it.

“Then I was a monster and no one wanted to love me , not only because of my looks but also because of my nature “
Nobody had any idea about the girl because she could not say anything. But this is not the end of this horrible story! Two weeks later she went to the forest to read a book in peace and quiet when suddenly out of the bushes a bear jumped. He frightened her, attacked her and bit off her legs … As punishment he had to giver her his feet .

And this way this frightening adventure finished for Merabell who was once a beauty but ended up the day and the night monster.



This is Fiona. She has got big green head and small eyes. She has got 4 teeth and 3 hairs. She hasn't got a blouse, but she has got a skirt and shoes. Her hobby is jumping. She is sad and angry. She likes painting with her legs because she hasn't got hands . 

One day Fiona went to play paintball and an enemy hit her with green paint. Then her blouse was in green paint too, so she had to take it off it. Next she went to the forest and the psycho was behind the tree, and he jumped at Fiona and cut her hands with a chainsaw. He ate her hand and then she passed away.



Kak was hit by car. He had hip operations. After two weeks Kak went home. He didn’t have family, but he wanted a wife, but he couldn’t find her.
Then mafia hunted him for debts. He committed a suicide.



Faustyna and her bad luck in sport

Her name is Faustyna. She is a wearing green jumper, purple gloves and shirt. She's got muscular blue legs like a smurf. She's tall. She is good and happy. She isn't often jealous. She is friendly, but she has got a bad character. She likes playing football. She likes throwing a hammer. She often does jogging. She loves sport'.

Last year Faustyna was playing basketball. Suddenly , her friend Arnold gave her a big hammer. This hammer was very heavy. For fun, Faustyna threw it at someone's car. The hammer bounced and hit her in her head very badly. Her fell down on the floor.''

  Jack and his adventure in space
One day, Jack Norisvel Nowak vel Kowalski was to space with Luis B. Luis B. had a parachute. Unfortunately Jack did not have a parachute. In the meantime Luis ended his jump and he was safe. Jack hit the ground with great speed. Scientists collected his body. And now Jack has got the arms of a spider, a tummy of a bee, legs of a deer and feet of a dragon. He is very funny. 


Eustachy and a wolf

His name is Eustachy .
Eustachy walked in the forest .
He met a wolf .That wolf ate his bowles
and pulled his leg. The wolf ate his two hands and hair.
Next he changed into a zombie


 Bobby and rabbits
This is Bobby. He lost his hand in a rabbit attack . On one of his hand he has got a pirate hook. He has got short pink hair because he was in conflict with a hairdresser. He also wears green trousers and yellow heels. He has got a piercing now because he is punk now.

Once upon the time Bobby was on his ship. He saw the island of small cute rabbits. He wanted to catch them all in a big net. Ten his crew helped him to take them on the ship. When he was sleeping all of the rabbits came to his room and ate his hands. He wanted to revenge. 
He put on a hook hand. Than he ordered his wolf to find and eat the rabbits. But when the wolf found the rabbits, he thought they were very funny, so he played cards with rabbits. Everybody was tired so they slept. When the wolf woke up, the rabbits were still sleeping , so he put them in a bag and carried to his owner. 
When Bobby saw the rabbits , he thought they were really cute and sweet, so he let them off , and he felt that he did well.


Hanna’s career
Her name is Hannah . She is a second Leonardo da Vinci . She's a wizard and a singer too. Hannah is a popstar. 
Hanna is nice. She is very friendly but she sometimes is angry . She is wearing a pink shirt and green trousers . A color of her hair is usually purple , but I think that Hannah like changing her look . Her shoes are always yellow.
Far far away Hannah thought she is ugly and she is decided to do a plastic operation. The operation was finished and Hannah just ran out to the scene plan of the movie "Child's Play" because she decided to be an actress. Nobody took her roles now…


The gymnasium students invented a multi-function machine producing … 
“ Dear people! Do you want to change your life for better? You need this machine .This machine has got many functions… 
DSC06256  kopia

This is the team presenting the machine in pictures




You can make the money from leaves, produce paintings of unicorns, change people

into animals and make a rainbow from skittles “.
Have a look at the pictures :



DSC06278  kopia

DSC06277  kopia



Here are the teams responsible for setting the machine into particular options:  



DSC06261  kopia

The option of the machine producing money from leaves.


DSC06264  kopia

The option of the machine producing a painting…. of unicorns or whatever you want to!





DSC06262  kopia

The option of the machine changing people into animals.


DSC06272  kopia

The option of the machine producing a rainbow from skittles.




Enjoy your reading!

The ENDTA – TA!!!!!